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Applying to AngelPad: How to Write a Killer Application

I receive emails every week from people that have read my previous post about AngelPad and are looking for advice as they prepare to apply. I find myself giving the same advice over and over again, so I thought I’d try to distill some of it and get it on paper once and for all.

You should still feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like some more tailored advice. My goal here was to write down the more general stuff that applies to all AP applicants.

As with all things in the startup world, there is no magic bullet, but these are the things I’d encourage you to consider as you put together your AngelPad application.

The Message

One common mistake that applicants make is to try to fully capture every detail of their business in their application, and this often comes at the expense of a truly compelling message. The goal of the application isn’t to document your business with...

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The Inside Scoop on AngelPad

When I first applied to AngelPad, I had a really hard time finding enough information to satisfy my curiosity. Y Combinator is a publicity machine, and there’s plenty of information about TechStars that’s available if you google hard enough, but, for some reason, it’s very difficult to find information about AngelPad.

Now that I’ve gone through AngelPad, I understand exactly why this is the case - it’s a reflection of the AngelPad founders’ personalities. They’re doers, not talkers. They prefer for their actions to speak louder than their words. Ultimately, though, I think this hurts would-be AngelPad applicants that are thirsty for information. So I decided to write this post to lift the curtain a little bit and talk about my experience as one of startups in the 7th AngelPad class.

About AngelPad

AngelPad was founded by Thomas Korte and Carine Magescas. It’s a 10-week long intense...

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